Client Treatment Review Consent Form

Before every treatment The Practice Beauty Clinic will review your health and medical status. By
signing below you are confirming that there have been NO changes to the information provided in
the medical questionnaire relating to your health or medication since your last treatment.


I certify that the information I have given is true and correct and since my last treatment received
my medical history has not changed.

I have been re-advised and fully informed of what the treatment entitles. Concerning the nature of
the treatment process proposed to be administered by them and hereby authorise and direct them
to administer such procedures as may be deemed necessary or advisable.

My signature below constitutes my acknowledge that I have received verbal procedure instructions,
read, understand and fully agree to the foregoing consent of the treatment service(s); the proposed
treatment process has been satisfactory explained to me and I have all the information I desire and I
hereby give my consent and authorisation and release this establishment and its employees/agents
of any claims that I have in the future in connection with the described treatment.