Electrolysis Pre-treatment and Aftercare Advice

We are committed to providing you with the best treatments for your specific skin type or condition. We always give a full consultation before Electrolysis treatment, ensuring you know the full benefits and advantages for you.

Vascular PRE Treatment Advice

If you are going to be treating sun-exposed areas, apply sunblock (at least SPF 50) each
morning for one month before treatment.

Refrain from bleaching, plucking, threading, electrolysis or waxing of hairs in desired
treatment area for six weeks when at all possible. It’s fine to cut, shave or trim the area.

If you have a history of herpes or cold sores, you may need antiviral medication. This
medication should be started one day before laser treatment and continued for one week
after treatment.

The area for treatment needs to have the hair showing to a short stubble or longer.

Arrive with the treatment area clean and free of makeup (if treating the face) if possible.

Vascular POST Aftercare Advice

Treat the area gently by keeping the skin moist with Aquaphor Healing Ointment (Eucerin) for a few days. Your skin heals from the bottom up so this assists with healing. This can be bought from a shop.

Cleanse the area with a mild antiseptic and avoid using soaps or abrasive material when you are 24 hours post-treatment.

Do not pick, rub or scratch the area. Do not use any irritating substances on the treated area until the skin returns to normal.

If the treated area will be exposed to sun, apply SPF 50 or greater after the skin returns to normal.

If your face was treated, you may resume using clean makeup when the skin looks and feels back to normal.

As part of your electrolysis appointment we do a very thorough aftercare procedure.

You may follow your usually cleaning or makeup routine. If there are any issues, please callus.

Please use frozen ice pack treatment after you leave our clinic.