Managing Client Expectations

Assess the client’s area of concern and determine the reason for treatment, e.g. skin tightening, cellulite reduction, fat reduction, or body contouring. Or which combination of these they would like focus on so you can adjust treatment parameters accordingly. Discuss with the client the reason for having treatment, e.g. general self-confidence, a special occasion or a holiday. This is important to be able to understand the client’s expectations and how quickly they are looking to see results. With this you can work out how many treatments would be required. Discussing the importance of a healthy balanced diet and regular exercise for best results. Go through the lifestyle section on the consultation form and discuss the questions with your client, advise changes they may need to make. It is good to explain to clients they are entering into a Treatment Programme, this means a healthy diet and exercise are crucial to see consistent fat loss. If your client cannot commit to this than you should be realistic with their expectations. BM R calculator, this is important to ensure your client is having the appropriate amount of calories for Lipolysis to be effective but also in a calorie deficit to ensure excess calories are not stored as fat.
Managing expectation of results:


1. Fat loss- instant inch loss should occur on clients with excess fat to be treated. However certain areas take longer than others for this to be visible, for example the arms.

2. Cellulite- Cellulite should look smoother instantly as the collagen fibres has contracted and fat cells have been reduced. However, cellulite will not be completely eliminated with a course of treatments, it will be improved. Improvement Is relevant to the grade of cellulite being treated.

3. Skin tightening- skin should look tighter and lifted instantly as collagen fibres contract. This is dependent on the amount of excess skin present, the more skin there is the longer it will take to see this result. For someone with folds of excess skin you must be realistic, we are tightening skin but not removing it. It can take a few weeks to start seeing the long-term benefits of the TriPollar RF as the collagen migrates to the surface of the skin.

4. Body contouring- if you are getting good contact with the muscle and it is contracting well throughout treatment it should look instantly lifted and contoured. For muscle strengthening this will occur over the course of treatments.


Standard treatment course is 6-8 treatments, explain how much improvement your client can expect to see from this. This will be relevant to each individual. Explain to your client how the treatment feels for example, ‘This is an aesthetic treatment so can feel a little uncomfortable to start off with, however its only 30mins and the results are worth It’. It is really important to explain that every client is different, results do vary from person to person and this is down to a number of things. Client DNA and genes, client compliance with aftercare, and just the client’s reaction to the treatment.


Pictures and measurements; make your client aware you will need to take pictures and measurements to assess their results. Don’t let them talk you out of thisl You need these pictures to be able to show people they are getting a result, or to see for yourself maybe they aren’t getting as much of a result as you would like and try and work out why this may be.

What Can I Expect From My Treatment

Results can be visible anywhere from straight away to 48 hours following treatment. Please be aware results can vary from person to person so we cannot guarantee this.

Forenhanced results a course of treatments Is required, normally 6-8 treatments on a weekly basis will be needed. Your practitioner will advise you on this.

The treatment is reducing body circumference not body weight, when combining treatment with a healthy balanced diet and exercise weight loss should occur naturally.

Your practitioner will work out your Basal Metabolic Rate if they think this appropriate as part of your programme, this is to ensure you are getting enough calories for fat loss to be effective and to get you the best results!

The appearance of cellulite will be smoother and dimples reduced, but not totally eliminated. Results will be bettered with each treatment.

Skin will appear tighter and fine lines and wrinkles reduced but not eliminated, this is not a filler but working to improve skin health and collagen and elastin production. This process can take up to 4 weeks to occur.

This is a clinically proven aesthetic treatment, the sensation can feel a little strange to begin with, your therapist will ensure its comfortable but we want to make sure you get the best results possible! You will get used to the sensation more with every treatment.

Your practitioner will need to take pictures and measurements to monitor your progress, don’t worry these will not be used anywhere without your prior consent. However it is the best way to ensure you are getting the most out of your treatments and see your amazing results first hand! These will be reviewed on treatment number 3-4 with your practitioner.

There will be some easy aftercare advise for you to follow post treatment, your practitioner will talk through this with you and remind you each week to keep you on track.