Post Peel Advice Form

Please carefully read and follow the instructions below for your own safety and to enhance your treatment results.

Recovery Time
This time is influenced by the type and strength of the peel treatment received. Everyone will respond to treatment differently.

Peel Result 
Skin may experience reddening, tightening, flaking, sunburn sensation, scaly/crusty skin that could last several days. Again, these results are dependent on the peel agent used and the individual’s response. Some skin types may experience peeling 2-3 days after receiving a peel treatment that could last up to 7 days. In the unlikely event that the skin or certain parts of the skin crust, the skin may appear brown and flaky. The crust when fallen will show new skin underneath which will stay pink in colour for up to a few weeks, a Physical SPF should be worn daily and reapplied every two hours. The area should be kept moisturised to aid in healing the skin.


Apply make-up for 24 hours
Pick, peel or scratch the skin
Use an Exfoliator
Use face wash cloths or rub treated areas with a towel
Have a sauna, steam, excessive exercise (sweating) or heat for several days (dependant on strength of peel)
Have a sunbed or expose skin to sunlight as this can cause hyper pigmentation
Have or use any form of facial hair removal services (waxing, threading, depilatory creams)
Have any facial treatments during your peel course, or for a minimum of 4 weeks unless advised by your NOON professional 
Use any other skincare unless recommended by your skincare professional

Apply a Physical SPF 30 or higher sun protection, this should be reapplied every 2 hours
Increase water intake as this will help the healing process and aid in keeping the skin hydrated
Use the skincare regime advised by your skincare professional
Depending on what peel agent is used communication with your skincare professional is advisable for them to check
your skin and healing process.
The new skin developing will have a pinkish colour for several days or longer (depending on peel agent strength and
skin condition). If any redness does persist in an area and does not fade after a few week’s, please do call your skincare professional.