Pre Peel Advice Form

A pre peel skin regime is important to carry out prior to any chemical skin peel treatment. It is important that you
read, understand and follow the instructions below. If have any questions regarding these below instructions please
ask your NOON Professional for clarification.
The homecare pre peel program will be issued by your NOON professional. Please adhere to this program and follow
instructions given on the label and by your skincare professional as it is an essential part of the treatment process to
prepare your skin for the peel. By performing a pre peel regime 2 weeks prior to your first peel this will accustom your
skin to the peeling agents and enhance the peel results. Whilst preparing your skin for peels do not expose your skin
to the sun.
Please note if you form any type of reaction from the pre peeling homecare products or for any reason you stop your
prep program you must contact your skincare professional immediately as your peel treatment may require to be
cancelled or altered. All prep products may be continued to be used after your skin has been peeled to enhance
results and keep the new skin looking fresh.


Avoid treatments to any areas that are being treated by a peel agent with wax, bleach and depilatory creams.

Avoid treatments to any areas that are being treated by electrolysis, intense pulse light and laser hair removal

Expose skin to sun or tanning

Avoid chemical treatments of any king

Avoida hair colours or hair chemical treatments of any type

Avoid any heat treatments such as sauna, steam, hot baths and showers on the day of the peel