We’re your New state of the art Beauty and Aesthetic Clinic in Sunbury

People in Sunbury have access to a new state of the art facility with the opening of the The Practice Beauty Clinic on Thames Street, Sunbury on Thames.

Our clinic is the brainchild of Dr Saba Khan who started the business in Walton in 2018 and the initiative has been so successful that she has purchased dedicated premises in Sunbury.

The building, which was formerly offices, has undergone a major refurbishment and now has 7 treatment rooms with the latest cutting edge technology. Treatments offered include Skin Rejuvenation, Laser Hair removal, Professional Skin Peels, Body contouring and the Powerful Oxygen facial.

The entire service is overseen with Medical Supervision ensuring that the service provides safe and regulated treatments by fully trained, registered and insured staff.

Due to the level of medical supervision required, many of the treatments are only available in a handful of clinics across London.

“Having dedicated premises has allowed me to expand the business, take on new staff and provide a far wider range of treatments, whilst maintaining the professional medical standards we are accustomed to.

Dr Khan has wide medical experience gained through her work as a GP, an NHS GP Programme Director and a Senior Lecturer at St Georges university.”

Saba Khan

Wendy and her team at Barclays have made the process seamless and achievable, we were hugely supported throughout the process and without a doubt, this contributed to the success of this business launch. We are excited to continue to work with Barclays on future projects.