GENEO Plus Facials

The ultimate facial treatment platform for achieving young, fresh, and natural-looking skin. Geneo+ is the only device on the market offering a unique combination of advanced technologies – TriPollar RF, OxyGeneo, and ultrasound – that work both on the outside and the inside of the skin.

Facial, Exfoliation, Oxygenation and Infusion

By adopting medically-established technologies, Geneo+ provides effective treatments by encouraging the natural process of skin rejuvenation. The power of natural oxygenation, complemented by the anti-ageing effect of TriPollar RF, which is further enhanced by ultrasound, offers immediate visible skin improvement and long-term rejuvenating effects.

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Expected Results

Facial Rejuvenation

Treatment Time

60 mins


No downtime


4-6 weeks

How Geneo+ Works

The Geneo+ treatment protocol is based on the innovative OxyPod capsule, which combines the active ingredients together with the exfoliating and oxygenating elements. By using the OxyPod, the user both prepares the skin for treatment and infuses the active ingredients in a single action, thus ensuring a safe and highly effective result.

Geneo treatments are suitable for a wide variety of skin types, ages and needs, making it a perfect solution for ongoing maintenance of the skin, targeted treatment of specific skin conditions, and skin improvement following a surgical procedure.

GENEO Plus facials

GENEO Plus facials

Get better skin naturally with Geneo personalised facial treatments and immediate, long lasting results.




A Geneo+ facial is the ultimate facial for achieving fresh, natural-looking skin, delivering exfoliation, oxygenation, infusion, and skin tightening in one treatment. It uses TriPollar RF, OxyGeneo, and ultrasound technology to refresh dull skin, reduce fine lines, and improve skin texture.

For optimal results, multiple treatments are recommended. A standard treatment course of 6 weekly treatments will give you the best possible results. You can expect immediately visible results after just one treatment.

The Geneo+ facial treatment session takes approximately 45 minutes.

Yes, Geneo+ facial is suitable for all skin types.

Geneo+ treatments do not require any downtime and you can resume your daily routine following the treatment. However, we recommend applying an SPF 30 or above for at least 24 hours after treatment to protect your skin.

Our customers come from miles around to benefit from the very latest treatments and technology. The majority of our customers come from Sunbury, Weybridge, Hampton, Teddington, Twickenham, Esher & Richmond.

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