If you’re feeling good, you’re looking good.

We don’t just mean feeling good mentally, we mean your body too. Your body is something unique. You won’t get a second one, it’s your only true home. You live in it your entire life and it begins to shape with your choices. Imagine – A temple that you have built by hand that you have put a lot of effort into. You laid each stone, built it up piece by piece, and watched as the building manifested and grew before you. Would you throw stones at this temple, flood it with water or set it on fire?

Of course, you wouldn’t do that!

So I ask: Why would you do this to your body? Sure, maybe setting yourself on fire is a bit extreme, but is necessary to make lifestyle choices so as not to destroy all your hard work. The body’s health must be maintained in order to be preserved for many happy years. As long as it is cared for, you will feel joy and pride living in your home. If you start to neglect it, it begins to wear down.

Do you understand what I’m trying to tell you? Taking good care of your body isn’t just great for a good image – it is key to living a long and happy life. Now, I’m not telling you that improving your image is a bad goal, but everything in moderation – yes? By keeping your mental health, your happiness, a priority alongside your weight or shape you’re likely to improve your overall health.


The link between mental and physical health.

A distinction is usually made between the body and the mind. Really, when considering health they should be thought of as one entity. Bad physical health can lead to developing mental health problems, certainly a negative headspace. The flip side? Poor mental health can have a significant negative impact on physical health. Around 30 per cent of all people with a long-term physical health condition also have a mental health problem, most commonly depression/anxiety. A study from 2017 found that there is a strong link between mental health and physical health. Keep reading for physical health advice!

Find what works for you

Everybody is different – literally. Every BODY is different, what works for your mate Sandra probably won’t work quite as well for you. Here are some different things you can try to improve your health, weight and happiness (we recommend that you consult your GP before starting any diets, fasts or intensive exercise regimens):

Intermittent Fasting – Here’s how it works: between specified times of the day you don’t eat anything, you fast. For example, from 8 pm until noon the next day you establish a fasting window. Outside of this window, you can eat what you want- within reason! Fastic is a brilliant app to help you get started. The advantages of intermittent fasting? It conditions your body to accept and thrive on fewer calories. You will be less hungry and food cravings will become rare. Why is that? Well, once your body stops using glucose from your food, it will switch to burning glucose that has been stored in your body. You are likely to feel fitter and more energised. (I recommend that you trial this for a three week period to see if it’s a good fit)

The LipoFirm Pro Treatment– The Lipofirm Pro technology combines two technologies – TriLipo Radiofrequency (RF) and TriLipo Dynamic Muscle Activation (DMA), delivering non-invasive fat removal, lymphatic drainage and skin tightening. Now that’s the wordy explanation, but put basically: The Lipofirm Pro treatment helps you to lose inches and tighten skin, it works best paired with a good amount of exercise. This isn’t a complete easy fix, but it is a great way to get started – with an instant boost!

Calorie Deficit Days – Calories are the units of energy you get from foods and drink, and when you consume fewer calories than you burn, you get a calorie deficit. So calories in > calories out = weight loss! Right? Well, what’s recommended is a good mix of – fewer calories in and daily exercise. Exercise doesn’t only burn calories but also helps with cravings, hunger pangs and your overall mental health. Sticking to daily exercise will help keep you motivated to maintain your calorie deficit. It’s not a good idea to make every day a deficit day – to keep your metabolism active try just 5 days a week. To help with this you should look into calorie-tracking apps – like Lose it! Or Fitbit.

Low Carb Diet – A low-carb diet is just what it says on the label -low in carbohydrates but not NO carbohydrates. Primarily found in sugary foods, pasta and bread. Instead, you eat whole foods including natural proteins, fats and vegetables. Usually, these diets lead to an elevated intake of fat. Do not fear! Fat is actually good for you and necessary for many bodily functions. Only a super high amount of fat and saturated fat is bad for you, this is true of anything. Everything in moderation! If anything, sugar is what should be avoided, which is exactly what you strive for in this diet. A low-carb diet can help reduce body fat, blood sugar, blood pressure etc. Like everything, you should definitely do your own research before making any big lifestyle changes, like diet, and consult your GP just to be safe.

All of the above should be maintained with a balanced diet and regular exercise – at least 30 minutes a day for 5 days of the week.


It’s important to keep a balanced diet because…

Nutrition is important for your body and its systems to function properly. Having well balanced nutrition will help you maintain a healthy weight, reduce body fat, provide your body with energy, promote good sleep and overall make you feel better.

Regular exercise is key because…

Yes, exercise can improve your physical health and trim your waistline, improve your sex life, etc… But that’s not what motivates people to stay active long term.

Those who exercise regularly tend to do so because it gives them a great sense of well-being. When exercising you will feel more energetic throughout the day, sleep better at night, have sharper memories, and feel more relaxed and positive about yourself. It’s also a powerful medicine for many common mental health challenges.

I need help with my mental health!

So now you’ve read all of the above you’re probably thinking – that’s great but how do I get started, my mental health isn’t in the best place right now! Lockdown, regular stress and everything else that is going on right now have us all feeling out of sorts. Practice Beauty Clinic will be open from 6th July, throughout lockdown, we offer online counselling sessions. Certain treatments like body contouring and laser hair removal will be available! Debbie and Yasmin have undertaken specialist training on how to keep themselves and you safe during treatment, we are also maintaining a thoroughly clean environment with regular deep cleans. So, why not treat yourself to a little TLC to get yourself started!